The Welvent packaged ambient/refrigeration ventilation unit has a simple, yet technically innovative layout for a relatively low capital cost. The system has evolved over the last twenty years into a very efficient, reliable unit.

The units are economical to run, high humidity systems. The packaged approach means that the pipework and electrical equipment are contained within the system, so minimising wear and tear and the risk of damage.

Refrigeration Unit

  • Low Weight Loss
  • Highly Efficient and Economical
  • Packaged Portable System
  • Fans on air on side for high off Coil RH
  • Danfoss Electronic TEV
  • Defrost on Demand
  • Quality Components
  • Invertor Drives

Simple Controls

The series 4000 range of controls offer total system control, optimising all the refrigeration system variables, to meet the requirements of the crop. The system has, however, been designed to be user friendly with a touch membrane pad for easy operation, and a LED screen to provide all the information you need.

Fridge Table

Potato Tonnages Machine Size (kW) Electrical Running Currents (amps)
100 9 10
200 15 15
300 20 22
400 30 31
500 35 37
700 45 47
1000 65 68
1250 75 80
1500 95 98
2000 120 130
Bigger 150 156

The tonnages indicated are for potatoes and are for guide purposes only as there are many factors to consider - Insulation, Building Size, Variety, etc. Welvent will advise on the correct machine for the duty.

The machines are available in single phase up to 12kw,(150ton) and in packaged format up to 150kw. All machines over 90kw are available with an option on the number of compressors in the system.

Efficient and Rapid Cooling Systems

Large Evaporators combined with the use of the latest Danfoss electronic expansion valve technology, and the positioning of the fan at the air on side of the coil, ensure the minimum moisture loss. This in turn provides high store relative humidity and the lowest possible moisture loss from the crop.

ControllerTotal Control Systems

The refrigeration control system constantly monitors the temperature to provide control of the air blowing the crop. This ensures that temperatures within the store are even, and that the system is safe for use with processing crops.

Defrost on Demand

Electric defrost systems combined with a true 'defrost on demand' control ensure the system is suitable for operating down to the lowest storage temperatures (even below 0°C). However in normal storage situations it is possible that the system will never defrost, reducing running costs, and helping preserve the quality of the crop.

Inverter DrivesInverter

The incorporation of inverter drives into the system for control of the speed of the compressor is the biggest step forward in the potato store package since the incorporation of the Danfoss electronic expansion valves over 15 years ago. The system allows for accurate economical control of the refrigeration output under part hood conditions. The control is integrated with the series 4000 control system and the speed is proportional to the duct temperature difference setting.

Head Pressure Control

The incorporation of fan speed control onto the condenser fan can provide a constant head pressure control. This increases the efficiency and reduces the costs of the refrigeration system, and is available as an option on any Welvent refrigeration system.

Welvent Offer

  • A tailor made total package - making the system easy to move, or potentially portable
  • Top of the range Microprocessor controls
  • High specification evaporator and expansion valves creating high humidity which results in low moisture loss
  • Combined ambient ventilation system - optional
  • Quality and experienced service and support team