Automatic control systems provide constant monitoring and control, all day and night, when you have better things to be doing.

Potato Store Controllers

Evolved over many years the Welvent/Stealth Partnership goes from strength to strength. The latest series 4000 control represents the ultimate in control for a refrigerated store. Whilst the APC 200 and WDC2 are simple proven controls.

Our controls are used in hundreds of stores throughout the UK, Eire and across the world, and are available in different language formats.

Series 4000 Controls

This range of controls is aimed at larger stores particularly refrigerated Potato stores.

Developed from the series 3000 it features all its original benefits as well as the facility to control digitally the compressor speed proportionally to the duct temperature target.

  • Proven, Accurate and reliable temperature sensing
  • Onboard memory
  • Printer Facility
  • Optimisation of use of low tariff electricity periods
  • Reliable and simple to use with full instructions provided
  • Computer interface facility
  • Text updates
  • Defrost on demand control
  • Digital output to computer spread sheets
  • Suitable for refrigerated and big ambient stores
  • Average temperature Control facility box or bulk
  • Co2 flushing – variable frequencies + periods
  • Optional Co2 and o2 monitoring

Ease of Use

The Welvent range of controls has been specifically designed for easy set up and operation.

Total Control

The Welvent computer system can be used on a multi store site, it monitors all the controls and allows all settings to be changed from your desk via the mouse.

  • Simple to use
  • Upgrades available to any existing system
  • Free initial training
  • Website data recording system allowing access to the data from literally anywhere

APC 200

This control is designed for small refrigerated stores and for ambient stores. It offers many of the functions of its big brother series 4000 control – but not the defrost on demand or digital compressor control.


A simple differential thermostat with one ambient sensor and one crop sensor with text facility available as an option, it is a simple reliable control unit at a budget price.